Showcase on Elm Road Elementary School

Posted on March 21, 2017

The regularly scheduled meeting for the Penn-Harris-Madison Board of School Trustees was held Monday, March 20 at Elm Road Elementary School.

Every year, the Board chooses three to four schools to hold their Board meetings. The school meeting sites are a way for Board members to not only visit the schools, but to give the schools a chance to highlight their successes. Elm Road Principal Dr. Lisa Soto Kile went above and beyond to make the Board and P-H-M Administration feel welcome giving them Elm Road branded water. See the photo gallery below. 

Dr. Soto Kile let the students and teachers shine as the stars of last night’s show! Elm Road’s Jumping Eagles, the school’s jump roping team, demonstrated their talents. The students showed off a wide range of tricks from single jumping to Double Dutch complete with flips and cartwheels.

Teachers and students also demonstrated how Yoga 4 Classrooms™  is utilized in the classrooms and the benefits that it reaps for the students: improvements in classroom behavior, mental state, health and performance. Some moves students stand for and others they can do in their seats. In an informational video shown at last night’s meeting, students even say that they do better on ISTEPs when they do Yoga before taking the test! The Yoga 4 Classrooms™ implementation at Elm Road was made possible by a P-H-M Education Foundation grant. 

The Board and parents were all impressed by all of the students’ talent.

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