School Hours, Drop-Off & Pickup

School day hours:  7:55 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.


General Transportation Information:

Please allow 10 minutes before and after your scheduled bus pick up time during the first few days of school to allow for bus routes to become complete. Any questions about bus times need to be directed to P-H-M Department of Transportation at (574) 258-9565.


General Information:

Because your child’s safety is the highest priority for us, we use a number system for families of students who are regular car riders at dismissal time. This allows for students to be supervised until you are at the front for pick up.

You will receive a numbered car tag. Please have the driver who is transporting your child display the card in a spot that is easily viewable by the adult(s) at dismissal duty. The adult on duty will read your vehicle number and notify staff that your child may exit the building.

NOTE: If you find you need someone else to pick up your child, you can photograph your number card and share it with that person. If that person can show us the photo on their phone, we will consider it your permission to dismiss your child to that individual. All persons picking up students must be listed on the student’s Emergency Card AND  have the transportation number card or a photo of the card.

Car Rider Drop-Off

  • Arrival begins at 7:40 a.m. (the tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m.). Please do not drop off your child before a staff member signals you to do so).

  • Please enter from the south on Elm Road into the parking lot. Only the buses can enter from the north.

  • Keep to the right and wrap around the parking lot.

  • Staff members will wave you forward and let you know when to stop. This allows for several vehicles to drop off at the same time.

  • We will release students only from cars at the curb. For safety reasons, please do not pass cars in the parking lot.

  • For their safety, students should exit the car from the curbside only.

  • If you need to come into the office, park in the lot. Students must be escorted into the foyer by an adult, using the marked pedestrian lane. 

  • At all times, stay in line along the curb. When signaled, move forward. All cars exit to the north only to keep traffic flowing.

  • If signaled to go around the corner, please wrap around the corner to allow for more students to exit cars simultaneously

  • If arriving after the tardy bell, students must be escorted in by an adult and signed in at the office (clipboard in the foyer).

Car Rider Pickup Procedures:

  • Dismissal begins at 2:15 p.m.

  • Enter from the south only. Buses only enter from the north. 

  • Keep to the right and wrap around the parking lot. 

  • Display your transportation number card so that it is easily viewable.  If you do not have a number displayed, staff will ask to see a picture of the tag.

  • Staff members will wave you forward and let you know when to stop.  This allows for several vehicles to pick up at the same time. 

  • For their safety,  students should enter the car from the curbside only. Exit when signaled, to the north.

Please keep the following important safety tips in mind:

  • Please do not exit your vehicle in the pick up line.  If you need to exit your car, please use a parking spot.

  • To keep everyone safe, DO NOT pass the car in front of you unless directed to do so by a staff member. Follow the staff member’s directions at all times. 

  • Finally, please do not talk on your cell phone during this time. 

Thank you for helping keep our children safe!